I am a business and law instructor in a community college. I come to teaching after 20 years of raising children, being a student, working as a lawyer, fundraiser and community organizer. I never planned on being a teacher but I believe that I have finally found my life passion. It is funny how much time I have spent thinking about what I wanted to do, working with a career coach, reading every book on the subject and that in the end I come to teaching because of a parking lot conversation with an acquaintance. I will forever be grateful to my friend who said ” You should really be a college teacher…”. It goes to show that if you keep your mind and heart open, wonderful things can happen….

On a personal note, I am married to an amazing man, have 2 beautiful adult sons and one very cuddly furry baby. I have a law degree, an MBA and have been a lifelong student. I love to spend time with my family, play golf, ski, travel, cook and watch Jane Austen movies.