The Real Deal

I have been listening to a podcast by Bonni Stachowiak called Teaching in Higher Ed. I cannot recommend it enough and I have added it to the list of the blogs that I follow. Her guests are leaders in their field and include Stephen D. Brookfield, the author of “The Skillful Teacher”.  In episode 98, Brookfield gets personal and talks about his deep-rooted fear of being “found out”, of people realizing that he really has no idea what he is talking about. He goes on to talk of the anxiety he feels when he is team teaching and working with a colleague who can see the truth…

Of course, we all know that this is not the case. Brookfield’s lifelong career in teaching, research and writing speaks for itself. But his willingness to share his experience demonstrates that even the most accomplished among us can have these feelings. The reality is that we can never know everything, never know enough. And in technological times, we will never be able to know more than the phone in our pocket. Listening to this podcast both made me feel that I am not alone in questioning my “expertise”, and reinforced my personal belief that in the end, teaching is all about connecting with people.



Welcome to my blog on my adventures in learning. A lifelong student, I am now making the transition to the other side… I call myself a learning facilitator. I am a perpetual student and I look forward to sharing my passion for learning with my students. As I like to say, a good day is a day where I have learned something new. I hope that every day in my class is a good day!

I have the privilege of teaching law and business courses at a small college in Vancouver. My students come from all over the world and it is such a joy to learn from them and view the class material through a variety of cultural lenses. My personal philosophy of teaching is that I want the classroom to be a space where we share, discuss and learn from each other. In my opinion, the goal is not to know more than my students( although I need to be an expert in my field), but to make real connections with my students and to understand  what really matters to them.

This is my 5th PIDP course and the first one that I have taken online. I have learned so much throughout the program and I truly believe that it has made me a better instructor. The PIDP courses are designed to provide a framework for both learning and reflection, which is not always easy but definitely beneficial.

I know that I might be perceived  as an idealist as I am new to teaching. Every class takes a life of its own and I anticipate many challenges along the way. But so far, it has been a dream…